Metaform-HSM GmbH

Who we are

We are a mixed team of young and old that together enjoys working in our growing company. Our company has two departments; commercial and operations. We work on a 3-shift model using the most modern machinery and equipment. It is important to us that our workplaces are kept orderly and clean. Only in this way can we work efficiently

The commercial department has a classic structure:

  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Human resources

In our production plant, which has the following areas:

  • Tool making
  • Pipe production
  • Stamping/punching
  • Deep drawing
  • Welding

For whom we are searching

It is important to us to find employees for our company

  • who fit in.
  • who not only like to work at the company, but also with the company.

The technical qualifications are not always the deciding factors! Don’t be afraid, apply! Convince us that we are a good fit! We look forward to hearing from you!

Commercial employees (m/w/d)

  • Do you like work in a team?
  • Do you have a hands-on mentality and like to advance matters without long decision-making processes?
  • Are you able to convince others about your ideas and do not give up immediately when encountering an obstacle?
  • Do you enjoy commercial activities?
  • Do you like to communicate with customers and suppliers?
  • At the same time, do you want to stay in close touch with production and communicate with colleagues in the plant?
  • Do you like to talk on the phone and are good with words?
  • Do you speak not only German, but also English and some other languages?

Industrial employees (m/w/d)

  • Are you good with your hands?
  • Do you like to tinker when you have the time? Whether at home, in the garden or on a car/motorcycle isn’t important?
  • Do you like to see what you have accomplished at the end of the day?
  • Do you believe that being organized is not only half the battle?
  • Do you like to complete what you start?

If you were able to answer all question with yes, we are off to a good start! Contact us and let’s see if we can take the next step together!